Rachel Field, Real-Estate Broker and Simon, 11 Weeks Old

Photo: Spencer Heyfron

Where are you two headed?
I brought Simon to work with me to make copies.

It looks like you’re toting more than copies. What is all that stuff?
I have cloth diapers and dirties, things for him to play with, and a few things for me, like a book.

Where do you live?
In the East Village. When we moved into the building, nobody had babies, and now there are three, out of twelve units.

Something in the water! I should be careful not to move there. How did you pick his name?
I was thinking of something a bit more unusual, like Steel. But once I looked up what Simon means, I wouldn’t have it any other way. It means “he who hears.”

Do you think he’s psychic?
I do think he’s teaching me lessons I need to learn.

Interview by Rachel Baker.

Rachel Field, Real-Estate Broker and Simon, 11 We […]