The Look Book Sees Double: Frank Sisti, Children’s-Show Creator, and Dana Roc, Blogger

Photo: Spencer Heyfron

What’s your show called?
Frankie’s Apartment.

And you’re Frankie, I presume?
I’m the host, the star, the new-school Mister Rogers.

Do you do the whole cardigan-and-shoe-swap bit?
There are costume changes. I have a snowman who lives in the fridge and acts as my therapist, and I have to bundle up to see him.

Kids must love your hair.
Babies are, like, insane about it. I can basically stop a baby from crying.

What’s it like when you encounter someone else with similar hair?
There’s always some sort of silent nod going on. It’s a secret “Wassup, man!” — F.S.

Do you wear loud pants regularly?
A few months ago, someone said I was conservative. So I’ve been trying to take more risks.

Your hair sure isn’t conservative.
My 16-year-old daughter told me a few years ago, “You have to wear it really big or don’t do it all.”

What’s it like when you see someone with the same hair?
It can be really weird. One time I saw a white guy on the subway with a strawberry-blond Afro, and I froze in my tracks. I had to go home and rethink my whole thing and get reassurance that I’m not looking too wacky. — D.R.

Interviews by Rachel Baker.

The Look Book Sees Double: Frank Sisti, Children’ […]