Toni P. Hoard, Unemployed

Photo: Spencer Heyfron

What do you do?
Well, I’m kind of out of work right now. But I’m really a wardrobe organizer and I make clothes.

Are you a clotheshorse?
You could say that.

What kind of closet space are we talking about?
I have a small closet and a rolling rack. I label everything and pack it up and schlep it to the basement at the end of a season. I’m anal about my clothes.

How anal?
I keep all my shoes in shoe boxes, and label them. My rolling rack is organized with pants and skirts going from light to dark. I use all the same hangers.

Your last name is “Hoard.” Are you a hoarder?
Only with clothes. I don’t hoard crap. I buy things that I really love, and I hoard them—but in a good way. They each have their own little home.

Interview by Rachel Baker.

Toni P. Hoard, Unemployed