Wang Xiao, Model

Photo: Spencer Heyfron

Where are you from?
I come from Beijing. I’ve been here half a year.

And what do you think?
I love New York. I like the people, very nice.

Nicer than in Beijing?
Yes, friendlier! Friendlier! Everyone smiles at you. If you need help, just ask, they’ll help you.

Do you live with other models?
Yes. But I want to move out.

Do your roommates fight with each other?

Like the girls on America’s Next Top Model?
I have no idea.

Do you ever travel for work?
Mostly I stay in New York City. But I want to go to South Africa. I want to see the animals.

You should just go to the Central Park Zoo!
Yes, I like it there.

What was your favorite animal?

Because I have a dog. It’s a husky.

Does it live in the model apartment?
No, in China. I miss him so much.

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Interview by Rachel Baker.

Wang Xiao, Model