Amy Van Doran, Matchmaker

Photo: Spencer Heyfron

How’d you get into matchmaking?
I, like, love romance. I’m always asking people about their love lives. I had been setting up my single, good-looking, artsy friends for a while and thought there might be a way to make money doing it.

Are you yourself single?
I’m not. My boyfriend’s name is Jacob. He’s a handsome fellow I met on the street. He bought me a poodle, and we’ve been together ever since.

Ever watch The Millionaire Matchmaker?
I’m like her, but not mean-spirited. I kind of learn what not to do from her. She’s not a feminist, and she puts people together for superficial reasons.

Are you for or against online dating?
I don’t recommend it. A second party can sell people in a way they can’t sell themselves. And on the Internet, you can’t smell a person.

Interview by Rachel Baker.

Amy Van Doran, Matchmaker