The Look Book Sees Double

Photo: Spencer Heyfron

Chris Benz, Fashion Designer

When did you decide to go pink?
Around Easter. I had highlights of all different colors, but it got to be so much effort. So I decided to go all one color. I don’t have any piercings or tattoos, so it’s my one way of being subversive.

But pink is pretty trendy these days, isn’t it?
In rocky economic times, pink is always big because it’s so optimistic. The color for 2011 is actually honeysuckle pink, which is a more orange, salmon-colored pink.

Is that your next color?
I haven’t nailed mixing the Manic Panic yet. That’s pretty advanced.

Katlyn Masker, Student

How long have you been pink?
I have always switched between white and pink. The first time was in seventh grade when I got into riot grrrl and feminism and wanted a change.

Think you’ll do a more natural color when you get older?
I have my plan set. I’m totally going to have the Kiki Smith long, white, curly hair by the time I’m 50 or 60.

What’s your plan in the meantime?
I’m thinking about buzzing my hair into a mohawk again.

Yeah, I was always the really tall, skinny girl who no one wanted to mess with.

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Interviews by Rachel Baker.

The Look Book Sees Double