Johnny Weir, Figure Skater

Photo: Spencer Heyfron

How are you holding up in the heat?
I hate summer, to be honest. I hate dressing. I hate the heat. I hate sweaty people getting aggressively close to you when you’re walking down the street.

Are you getting out of the city soon?
I’m going to China for some performances. And then I’m going to Turks and Caicos with Meg Carlozzi, who’s a fashion publicist and my future wife. We’re turning our phones off, we’re not taking computers, we’re just going to sit and have wine and do massage. I’m going to teach her mat Pilates in the morning, and she’ll teach me yoga at night.

You can teach Pilates?
Yes, I’m hard-core. I can’t do weights because if I get too bulky, I can’t do jumps anymore.

What does your luggage situation look like?
I take three giant suitcases that are about the size of a Ford Focus.

Interview by Rachel Baker.

Johnny Weir, Figure Skater