Kassan Brown, Accountant

Photo: Spencer Heyfron

You don’t look like an accountant.

Do you wear that beard year-round?
Yes. I started growing it, people liked it, my parents told me to cut it, then it got longer.

You don’t get hot in the summer?
Nah, it doesn’t make me hotter. It actually shades me.

Were you a mathlete in high school?
I’ve always been a numbers person, but I also like to show my creative side.

What are your creative outlets?
Shopping, dressing. And my friends are kicking around the idea of starting some sort of clothing line.

What would that be like?
Kind of like the way I dress: “grandpa chic.” A lot of easy denim, a lot of cardigans, sweaters, plaids, and oxfords.

Has that always been your style?
Yeah, it’s one of those things that I always liked. Because you can be in the city, the country, the country club.

Interview by Rachel Baker.

Kassan Brown, Accountant