Coco and Breezy Dotson, Sunglasses Designers

Photo: Spencer Heyfron

Do people constantly confuse you two?
Breezy: All the time. We’re identical twins. We have all the same tattoos also. We have like twelve.

What about your piercings?
I wanted to get our septum pierced, and Coco did not. And then I got it so she had to get it, and she ended up loving it.

How are you two different?
Well, I have a mole on my neck. And Coco observes more. I’m the crazier talkative one.

Have you ever fought over a guy?
No. Coco likes pretty boys. I like not-as-pretty boys.

Do you get sick of each other?
She gets sick of me. I’m the youngest, so I’m more sensitive. She’ll make me cry and she won’t show her emotion. And that makes me even more mad!

How’d you get into the sunglasses business?
We grew up in the suburbs, and people used to stare at us because we were different. We created eyewear to block eye contact. We like to be like aliens, on our own planet.

Interview by Rachel Baker.

Coco and Breezy Dotson, Sunglasses Designers