Nick Van Winkle, Marketing Manager

Photo: Lucas Michael

That’s a cool name.
It’s almost a daily occurrence that someone calls me Rip.

Is that funny?
It always seems like it’s a zing on their end, but rarely on mine.

You look like an athlete.
Thank you for noticing. I race bicycles in Prospect Park and Central Park and at an abandoned airfield in South Brooklyn called Floyd Bennett.

Ever had an accident?
Just one. A cab door opened, and I flew into it. I dinged myself up a bit.

What else do you do for fun?
I’ll be 32 next year—and the older I get, the more I stay in.

Were you always a homebody?
I used to go out a lot, just like any amateur alcoholic. If I picked up boozing now, I’m sure it’d be fascinating. But it becomes boring after a while, doesn’t it?

Interview by Tory Hoen.

Nick Van Winkle, Marketing Manager