Kimberly Delancy, Restaurant Hostess

Photo: Lucas Michael

Is that a leopard-print tattoo?
Yeah, I have a big appreciation for the cat. I want to be a wildlife technician and start in a zoo, and then travel the world doing research and conservation. It’s something I’m really passionate about.

Were you always into animals?
Yeah, but I used to teach hip-hop choreography to kids. I worked for a group that hosted bar mitzvahs, so we’d keep the party alive—have the kids dance with us, teach them some moves. The economy changed, though, so I put that on the back burner.

I like your jacket. Are you a patriot?
I am, yeah. I think we’re very fortunate to be in this country, but a lot of people take it for granted.

Interview by Tory Hoen

Kimberly Delancy, Restaurant Hostess