Shamecca Ajavon, Stylist and Actress

Photo: Lucas Michael

Where were you during the hurricane?
I went to my parents’ house in Riverhead, Long Island, because I thought it might be safer. But then we lost power for four days, and there was no heat or gas.

How was braving the blackout with your parents?
Hell. I usually go home for a day or two at a time, so it got hectic being stuck in the house together.

And what about the election?
This was the first time I was able to vote. It’s like I’m part of the change for once, and it’s very exciting.

Aside from dodging storms and electing presidents, what do you do?
I have small parts on season two of HBO’S Girls and a show called Smash. I’m moving to L.A. in the spring to pursue my dreams.

Will you miss New York?
Nope. I’m from here. I’m over it.

Interview by Tory Hoen.

Shamecca Ajavon, Stylist and Actress