Jeff McCarthy, Actor

Photo: Victor Prado/New York Magazine

Is this your first year playing the Grinch on Broadway?
Yep. Pretty juicy stuff.

Are you grinchy yourself?
Oh, yeah, I can relate. But the Grinch is rather extreme.

What’s his damage?
Well, if you want to get serious, psychologically, he’s jealous of families. He’s a lonely guy—a hurt little kid who wants to be held by his mommy and taken care of. He’s not loved by anyone—though his little dog, Max, adores him.

I hope you like the color green.
Ha, I’ll be covered in it for the entire holiday season. Wiping that makeup off is a real chore, so I’ll probably just leave it on between shows and get a big, fat facial come January 1.

Interview by Kate Lowenstein.

Jeff McCarthy, Actor