Charlie Ward, Menswear Designer

Photo: Spencer Heyfron

Do you always wear all black?
Yes, I’m a uniform-of-choice kind of girl.

What else does the uniform involve?
It’s about proportions. I’m five-eleven and my legs take up a good portion of my body. I do a lot of wrap tops and leggings.

So your stance on the whole leggings-as-pants thing is …
If the top goes halfway down your hips, you’re fine. These leggings are like wet-suit material. They’re $400, but will last for years and they have shape.

Why design menswear?
Men’s shopping habits are most similar to mine—finding something you love and buying it in bulk. And maybe my admiration of the male form plays into it.

Are you a tomboy?
I went to school for engineering and I race cars, so I’ve always hung out with the boys. But, like, I won’t take a staple out of a piece of paper if I just got my nails done. I’m the girliest tomboy there is.

Interview by Rachel Baker.

Charlie Ward, Menswear Designer