Ben Rey, Fashion Designer

Photo: Spencer Heyfron

How tall are you?
I’m almost six foot.

With or without your hair?

How do you make it do that?
I have to use a very strong gel. And then I spend like twenty minutes with the drying machine, mix in more gel, then put on some spray to make it look straight.

Have you been wearing it that way for a while?
For about three years. At the beginning it was really hard to do.

Do you wear a kilt every day?
If I have something special. Normally I love blue jeans that are very tight to my legs.

What’s the occasion today?
Somebody told me to come to a party. It’s a special invitation to a club. But I live in Greenwich, Connecticut, now, so I can’t stay long.

How do you like Greenwich?
It’s very quiet. There’s not too much action like in New York City.

What do you do on the weekends there?
I see friends, or I stay home reading a book or listening to music, or I watch the History Channel.

Interview by Rachel Baker.

Ben Rey, Fashion Designer