Lauren Fleming, Public-Relations Coordinator

Photo: Spencer Heyfron

You’re so cheerful.
I find it’s easier to live life that way. There’s always something to be happy about.

Do you usually wear bright colors?
I think I’m the only New Yorker who doesn’t own anything black. But this is an off day for me; I normally wear dresses and skirts.

Do you have any roommates?
One; he’s the best person you could ever hope to live with. I come home and he’s making me oatmeal cookies and we have midweek margarita dance parties.

Ever make out with him?
No, we have a very siblinglike relationship. We talk about boy stuff, or we did—I have a boyfriend now.

Are you two serious?
Yeah, he’s the best; he’s about to start his residency for family medicine.

Do you want kids of your own one day?
Two. With three kids, someone gets left out. But if you’re one of two, you have each other and can make fun of your parents together.

Interview by Rachel Baker.

Lauren Fleming, Public-Relations Coordinator