Robert Levithan, Psychotherapist and Writer

Photo: Spencer Heyfron

How do people respond to your Segway?
You get everything from “That is so cool” to “You rich motherfucker.”

Have you been riding for a while?
Six years. They’re illegal in Manhattan, by the way.

So how do you get away with it?
The police don’t seem to care—I haven’t had any problems.

Does yours have a name?

Where are you and Fabio coming from?
I just left the gym.

What’s your workout?
A big part of my routine is anti-gravity yoga. We do inversions and hang upside down.

Whoa. You’re an acrobat!
Well, not professionally.

And where are you headed now?
Home to write. I’m working on a memoir about aging and vitality.

How old are you?
I’m 61. Our culture has the idea that people have a shelf life, and that’s outmoded. You can be in your sixties and have a lot of fun.

You dress young, too.
My thing is living full-out. This could be my last year on planet Earth, or I could live to be 90.

Interview by Rachel Baker.

Robert Levithan, Psychotherapist and Writer