Kelly Rutherford, Actress, and Helena

Photo: Spencer Heyfron

What are you gals up to?
We’re running errands, having a girls’ day. I’m going for a lip wax.

Glad we caught you beforehand. That pretzel looks delicious.
Yeah, well, we eat all organic at home, so if we’re running around and the kids want a hot dog or pretzel, I’ll get it for them.

How old is Helena?
She’ll be 3 in June. Her brother, Hermès, is 5.

Do you think you look alike?
She has her dad’s blue eyes, but yeah, we look alike, which is fun. But I do see her as her own individual.

Is she girlie?
Totally. She’s into shopping and pink. And every day she says, “I want to go to a party!” Every day. So we buy party hats and put them on at home.

Are you planning her 3rd birthday?
Oh, yeah. We’re conceptualizing the princess birthday party.

Interview by Rachel Baker.

Kelly Rutherford, Actress, and Helena