Dr. Lila Wolfe, Chiropractor

Photo: Spencer Heyfron

Who do we have here?
This is Eddie. We’re just cruising. He’s a dude magnet. My office is on Wall Street, and if I’m with Eddie, guys just surround me. They say, “Oh my God, I used to have one of these when I was living in the country!” Or whatever.

I doubt that short dress hurts.
I don’t know. No one talks to me unless I’m with the dog.

He’s just an easy icebreaker. Do you like Wall Street guys?
I don’t want to say I don’t, but I don’t.

What is your type?
A mountain man that’s also a savvy New Yorker. Like a tall, grizzly guy that could save you in a snowstorm, but knows how to dress.

Have you ever met one of those?
I thought I had, but he turned out to be a big vagina. I’m also into someone who just loves what they do—who’s stoked to be alive. No deadbeats.

So you love being a chiropractor?
Oh yes. I see rock stars and top restaurateurs and janitors and babies and pregnant mommies. Also finance guys who run the world. I think in life you kind of attract what you are, so I have a pretty amazing practice full of awesome people.

Interview by Rachel Baker.

Dr. Lila Wolfe, Chiropractor