Janae Haynes, High-School Senior

Photo: Spencer Heyfron

What shade of blue is your hair?
It’s aquamarine. That’s the color that was on the dye bottle.

Have you had prom yet?
It’s June 6, I think. I got my dress already.

What does it look like?
It’s long and white, with slits and a few cutouts on the side.

Nice! Do you have a date?
I’m just going with a bunch of friends. Afterward, we’re going to go to Webster Hall and dance.

Do you have a curfew?
Not that night.

What do your parents think of your hair?
My mother loves it; she says I remind her of her when she was younger and did crazy things. Like, one time she had a brush cut that faded from burgundy to pink.

And your dad?
He’s more the conservative type, but he’s a trooper. He tells me that I look beautiful in everything.

Interview by Rachel Baker.

Janae Haynes, High-School Senior