Clara Zinovoy, Retiree

Photo: Spencer Heyfron

Did you grow up in New York?
Yes, but we live in a retirement community in Chapel Hill now.

How do you spend your days there?
That’s a good question. I enjoy reading. I used to be on the go 24 hours a day, and I’d say to my mother, “What do you mean it takes time getting up or getting down?” And then all of a sudden …

You still look sporty.
More like old-ladyish. I’m a person who doesn’t change. I’ve never worn slacks, for instance.

Do you enjoy shopping?
Not as much as I used to. Your figure changes, so at this age you have more fun shopping for the grandchildren.

What about cooking?
I’m a disaster in the kitchen. As my husband says, “I love you, but why don’t we go out to dinner?” And in our retirement community—or as we call it, the Finishing School—you can just go to the dining room.

Does the dining room ever feel a little like a high-school cafeteria?

Is there a cool group?
Well, I’m a member of it, sure!

Interview by Rachel Baker.

Clara Zinovoy, Retiree