Les Robinson, Men’s Clothing Salesman and Student

Photo: Danny Kim

What’s going on?
I’m on my way to work, but can we talk about something exciting? Like, the Catskills? I just got back from hiking in the Catskills.

Sure. We can talk about whatever you want.
I study American history. That’s what I’m passionate about.

What’s your favorite era?
The seventies. That was the last time the working class was growing and getting stronger.

Also, you look like the seventies!
That has occurred to me on occasion.

Aren’t you hot in that suit?
Very. I love suits, but I’m not a small man, so once it get this hot, I shouldn’t wear them. Today, though, I really felt like a white linen suit.

And that hair can’t help.
Yeah, it’s like wearing a winter hat year-round.

Have you always had long hair?
No, I’m a reformed investment banker.

Yeah, I was always trying to get out, so when I finally got the chance to get paid out four years ago, I took the money and ran.

This story appeared in the July, 30, 2012 issue of New York Magazine.

Interview by Rachel Baker.

Les Robinson, Men’s Clothing Salesman and Student