John Cullen, Lawyer

Photo: Danny Kim

You look very forties in those pleated pants.
Yeah, most of my pants are pleated and cuffed. My son always tells me pleats are out, but I like them.

So what kind of law do you practice?
Employment and labor.

Are you in the courtroom much?
I do a lot of arbitrations, but generally not.

Anyone ever tell you you resemble Kevin Kline?
He’s my favorite actor! He seems like he’d be friendly.

What’s your favorite film of his?
In and Out. He was so funny in it. He even had a lip-on-lip kiss with Tom Selleck.

Now there’s a mustache. How long have you had yours?
I started growing mine sophomore year in college.

Do you try different shapes?
Yes. I love William Powell, who had a thin mustache in The Thin Man. I contemplated one but could never get it to look like that.

Interview by Kera Bolonik.

John Cullen, Lawyer