Hogan Gorman, Actress and Writer

Photo: Danny Kim

You’re an actor-slash-writer. What’s your work about?
I did a one-woman show at the New York Fringe Festival, and just turned it into a book for Penguin. It’s called Hot Cripple.

Is it about fetishism?
No, it’s a true story: I was hit by a car, and my head took out the windshield; I went flying about ten feet.

Oh my God.
I lost my short-term memory and got five herniated discs between my neck and lower back and two torn ligaments in my knee. I was uninsured at the time because, you know, I’m a struggling actress. I went all the way down the rabbit hole of this country’s health-care and welfare systems. I used to plan my outfits for the food-stamp and Medicaid offices, ’cause if you look okay, everything will be fine.

Do you still have memory problems?
For two years, I was Memento girl—everything was on Post-its. But now I’m back to normal blonde status.

Interview by Kera Bolonik.

Hogan Gorman, Actress and Writer