Martin Izquierdo, Costumer

Photo: Lucas Michael

So is Halloween your Super Bowl?
Well, last week we did Barbara Walters’s Katy Perry costume. And I’ve done Heidi Klum’s for the past ten years or so.

How did you and Heidi team up?
We met when I did the wings for the Victoria’s Secret fashion show. I do a lot of wings; before that I did the wings for Angels in America and also for Kanye West’s video “Runaway.” How can you not love a beautiful pair of wings?

Do you ever dress up?
Not really. When you work in this world all year-round, Halloween isn’t that exciting. I did go to Heidi Klum’s party and Bette Midler’s—we met when I designed an erupting volcano for her birthday party one year­—but at the end of the night, I like to get into a cab without feeling hindered. I was once in a costume contest at Studio 54. I was a mummy—but I didn’t win.

Interview by Alexis Swerdloff

Martin Izquierdo, Costumer