Majda Puaca, Dog-Walker and Computer Programmer

Photo: Lucas Michael

Is that a Russian accent?
Actually, I’m from Serbia.

What brought you here?
I wish I could say that I came to New York to be a model, but I moved here a few years ago on political asylum. Back home, I was a gay activist, organizing radical underground queer festivals. I was kind of the “main dyke” of Serbia. But then my life became impossible; I couldn’t walk down the street without people yelling at me. I was getting a lot of death threats. So, I decided it was time to go.

How are you finding New York?
You know, I was really spoiled by all the friends I had back home. When you want to make plans with someone in New York, you have to schedule them two weeks in advance. I love the drag-queen scene, though. And I love being a dog-walker. Mostly, I just love feeling safe. Here, when people approach me on the street, it’s to tell me how hot I look.

Interview by Alexis Swerdloff

Majda Puaca, Dog-Walker and Computer Programmer