Will Noguchi, Stylist

Photo: Lucas Michael

Is this your casual day look?
Yeah, I’ve definitely reached that point where my old going-out look has become my day look.

Does that mean you don’t go out anymore?
No, I do. My friends and I, we call ourselves the Family Jewels, we host parties with Susanne Bartsch. We like to Carrie.

What’s that?
Carrie-ing comes from Carrie Bradshaw. Whenever she would do anything, it was all about her, so it means, like, to be the HBIC of the moment.

The Head Bitch in Charge. My friend, who I work with at Patricia Field, we have a web show about our lingo called “Speaking With Distinction.”

Got it. Where in the city do you live?
Bushwick. It’s a little less … put together than Manhattan. Me and my cohorts, we like the glamorous and poised look.

What recent getup of yours are you most proud of?
To Lady Gaga’s Art Rave, I wore these foot-high boots, a red military jacket with gold chains, and this giant headpiece. I was the tallest thing for days. I blocked half the stage, they asked me to move, I ended up on BuzzFeed. It was a good time.

Interview by Alexis Swerdloff

Will Noguchi, Stylist