Joseph and Trey Fitzpatrick, Student and Wall Street Quant

Photo: Lucas Michael

Mrs. Fitzpatrick was our “Look Book” last week. How did you all celebrate Mother’s Day?
Joseph: We made her breakfast in bed, and I got her a really neat card.
Trey: I actually went to my college reunion that weekend—I gave my wife a bad Mother’s Day.

Joseph, tell me what’s cool about being a kid in the city.
Joseph: Mom and Dad like all the coffee shops; they say that it’s a “coffee kingdom.” I’m serious!

Anything you’d change?
Joseph: I wish the government would stop wasting money on cell service in subways. I read about it in AM New York and Metro. They should spend it on teachers instead.

Interview by Alexis Swerdloff

Joseph and Trey Fitzpatrick, Student and Wall Str […]