Dwarmis Concepción, Design Assistant

Photo: Lucas Michael

How’s Fashion Week?
Super-crazy; I work at Tory Burch. But this is my third Fashion Week since I moved here from the Dominican Republic three years ago, so I kind of know how it goes.

What do you miss most about the D.R.?
The beaches, of course. Also that my dad used to drive me wherever I wanted to go. I didn’t like the subway here at first. And the food—I live in Inwood, and there are a lot of Dominican restaurants, but I haven’t found one I like. There’s a big difference between people actually from the D.R. and Dominican-Americans.

What do you mean?
Like, Dominican men open the door for you; here, no. When I walk down the street, guys’ll shout, “How you doing?” I’ve gotten ruder, and I’ll respond: “How you doing?”

Interview by Alexis Swerdloff

Dwarmis Concepción, Design Assistant