Ben Bailey, Fitness Coach

Photo: Lucas Michael

Do you always walk around with a trophy?
No, I’m bringing it to a TV gig. I won the Mr. Hercules 2012 amateur bodybuilding competition.

When did you start shredding?
Two years ago. I wanted to train to win; I don’t do stuff halfway. What I do is art—shaping the body, it’s all about symmetry. In ten years, I hope to be very famous in New York and definitely along the East Coast. I want to make a lot of money and have a résumé that says, “Look at this.”

Do people stare at you all the time?
Yeah, sometimes they’ll come up and touch me. Or be like, “He’s so veiny!” My girlfriend doesn’t mind, though. I was a go-go dancer for a while.

Oh, really?
Once you get up there and you’re focusing on looking sexy and cool, it’s actually fun. You get that attitude thing going, and it’s like, Mmm-hmm.

Interview by Alexis Swerdloff

Ben Bailey, Fitness Coach