Angel Ramirez, Student

Photo: Lucas Michael

What’s that on your shirt?
It’s a scene from The Andy Griffith Show. I got it at a trunk show at the gallery I work at. When I saw it, I knew there was no way I was leaving without it. It’s so obnoxious.

The same could also be said of your coat …
It’s a University of Miami jacket that I got at a thrift store in Charleston—but I have no connection to the school. People see me and are like, “Go, U of M,” or whatever, and I’m like, “Yeah …” I just love the color combination.

What’s your thrift-store-shopping strategy?
When I walk in, I scan the racks really fast, and whatever jumps out at me, it’s mine. And then I always look for anything that’s camouflage—I’m obsessed with camouflage and love that it’s supposed to hide you or make you blend in, but when you wear it, you’re not really hiding or blending in. Oh, and anything mesh.

Have you ever found anything that’s both mesh and camouflage?
Yes! I was at a thrift store in Florida, and I found a mesh-camouflage tank top. I grabbed it and knew that whatever the size, it was going to fit me.

Interview by Alexis Swerdloff

Angel Ramirez, Student