Albert Hicks IV, Student

Photo: Lucas Michael

What do you know about Albert Hicks the first?
Not very much actually. But I weirdly think about him a lot. I think he was probably very tall—even though I’m really short.

That’s a lot of look you have there. Where do you clothes-shop?
eBay. I can’t even remember the last time I bought something at a store.

What are your eBay tricks?
Save your searches—like if you’re looking for Ralph Lauren Chelsea boots, create a saved search, and whenever a new one comes up, you’ll get an alert. It’s the best thing ever. Right now I’m really into World War II clothes.

I like that it’s a different silhouette, and also—I know this sounds cheesy—but I love wearing a piece of history, something that’s been passed down from generation to generation. I used to be really into pins—from any war.

What war had the best pins?
Anything in Russia, for sure.

Lightning Round

Last splurge: Céline sunglasses, $385.
Monthly rent: $350.
Number of piercings: Four.
Last celebrity spotting: Alexander Wang. “I saw him in Soho. His skin is so flawless.”
Celebrity he’d most like to meet: Oprah. “I would just keep it real chill. I’d ask her about her dogs and what she’s growing in her garden.”
Cost of last haircut:$25. “I go home to Baltimore to get it cut by Kenny.”
Dream job: Art director for Beyoncé. “I want to do her CD covers and all that stuff.”
Favorite food: The corn bread at Red Rooster.
Favorite color other than black: Gray.

Interview by Alexis Swerdloff

Albert Hicks IV, Student