The Next SoulCycle?

Lithe Method NYCPhoto: Dominic Episcopo

Challenger 1:
Crossfit Gantry
In addition to hour-long WODs (that’s “Workouts of the Day” for the CrossFit uninitiated), this warehouse turned gym offers regular power-lifting classes, plus physical-therapy sessions, sports massages, and Paleo meals from Kettlebell Kitchen specifically designed for CrossFitters. Membership starts at $125 a month. 10-20 47th Rd., nr. Vernon Blvd., Long Island City; 347-848-0956.

Challenger 2:
Brooklyn Bodyburn
Fans of the L.A.-popularized Lagree Fitness Method call the fusion Pilates, cardio, and strength-training workouts “Pilates on crack.” Bodyburn, opening February 16, is the first to bring the technique’s routines and MegaFormers—essentially juiced-up Pilates machines—to Brooklynites. Expect soreness: The 50-minute sessions ($33) ruthlessly fatigue muscles for quicker results. 32 N. 6th St., nr. Kent Ave., Williamsburg; 718-384-1133.

Challenger 3:
The Fhitting Room
The Fhitting Room, bowing February 25, is all high-intensity interval training all the time. Small group classes ($35 for 50 minutes) are built around a FHIX—or “functional high-intensity mix”—of movement, strength training, and exhausting interval workouts. 1166 Lexington Ave., nr. 80th St.; 212-772-1166.

Challenger 4:
Lithe Method NYC
The hour-long cardio-cheer routines ($32) at Philadelphia’s Lithe Method, opening here the week of March 4, use resistance bands to intensify pom-pom waving, basket tossing, and other cheerleading moves. Chants like “We love it!” and “Get it, girl!” are de rigueur—though, founder and former USC cheerleader Lauren Boggi promises, “nothing over-the-top like ‘Go blue!’ ” 32 W. 18th St., nr. Fifth Ave.;

The Next SoulCycle?