Four New, Hyperspecific Ways to Break a Sweat

AKT inMotion Photo: Courtesy of the vendor

30 W. 18th St., nr. Fifth Ave. 212-242-3330
Adding a layer of competition to SoulCycle and Flywheel, these spinning classes ($30) are split into three teams; the crew with the highest energy output, measured by state-of-the-art performance-tracking technology, wins.

Unity Yoga
350 St. Nicholas Ave., nr. W. 128th St. 646-450-6602
Neighborhood resident Sarah Rehman’s rigorous hourlong Vinyasa sessions ($22), held in both heated and unheated rooms, focus variously on upper-body strength, hip flexibility, and mastering Chaturanga.

AKT inMotion
244 E. 84th St., nr. Second Ave. 212-858-0305
Trainer to the stars, including Sarah Jessica Parker, Anna Kaiser holds cardio dance workouts ($35, pictured) that combine moves like the Roger Rabbit with cross-training-inspired atomic push-ups.

80 Fifth Ave., nr. 14th St. 617-744-9398 (soft-launching in December)
Thanks to CrossFit, rowing is all the rage these days; in these 50-minute classes ($32), it’s punctuated by intervals of yoga, sculpting, and Pilates, promising Winklevii-level toning.

Four New, Hyperspecific Ways to Break a Sweat