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Over the last decade, the world has grown smaller, with innovations in business, technology and ease of travel. Businesses are reaching out to all parts of the globe to collaborate with new partners and customers, but the ever-evolving corporate landscape is presenting its own challenges. Many businesses are finding themselves struggling with tightening borders and increased international security concerns, and that’s where law firms like Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen & Loewy, LLP (Fragomen) come in.

As one of the industry’s leading providers of corporate immigration services, Fragomen – through its network of 25 offices in the Americas, Asia Pacific and Europe – provides comprehensive immigration solutions to globally minded corporations on a decidedly local scale. “We’re a global firm, but we’re in essence a local service provider,” says partner Austin Fragomen, Jr. “The goal of the firm is to have our own offices in all principal locations in the world, as well as continue to be a big player here in New York.” Indeed, says partner Michael Patrick. “Immigration is extraordinarily personal,” he says. “Even though technology lets you instantaneously connect with people 12 hours away, it’s something intimate that benefits from face-to-face contact.”

And it’s Fragomen’s people around the world who help its clients achieve their goals. With more than 150 attorneys and 500 professional immigration specialists firm-wide, Fragomen is able to confidently lead its clients through complex issues pertaining to immigration law, regulation, policy and compliance. Fragomen makes hiring globally easier by tackling cases involving visas, work permits, permanent residence and corporate compliance. It’s up to Fragomen to keep up with changes in the law and to make sure that the clients it represents – leading global corporations and much of the Fortune 500 community – are as in the know as they can possibly be. “One of the major strengths of the firm is its laser-like focus on what is an excessively active and complex area of law,” says Mr. Patrick.

It’s challenging work, but Mr. Fragomen – who, along with Mr. Patrick and partner Patrick Quane, has been named one of “The Best Lawyers in New York” – says the challenges are what the firm thrives upon. “I think all of our practitioners are excited because the laws are dynamic and ever-changing,” says Mr. Fragomen. “It’s legally demanding, but we realize at the same time that we’re dealing with individuals. I think that’s the most gratifying part of the practice.”

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