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Brooklyn fashion does not refer simply to hoodies, artfully distressed T-shirts, and neon-colored eighties styles worn by waifish androgynes. There’s a small but productive community of designers who live in the borough for its homey, neighborhood feeling, the supportive network of free-thinking retailers, and, of course, more space for the money—particularly important when you’re cutting out patterns on the kitchen floor. And there’s a distinct lack of backstabbing.

“We are all in this Brooklyn endeavor together,” says jewelry designer Thea Grant. “In our own small East Williamsburg neighborhood, we’re pretty tight with other young designers, retailers, even marketers, who are in the exact same phase as we are in growing our businesses.”

“Many of the Brooklyn retailers are also designers, so they get it and are far more accommodating and flexible,” says Andy Salzer, the founder-designer of Yoko Devereaux. “Their customer tends to be from the neighborhood. Power shoppers are not as common here, for sure.”

Being “a hundred miles away,” as Grant puts it, also gives designers more leeway to experiment, more freedom to play. When you’re not shipping every six weeks to a department store, there’s no obligation to tag every seasonal trend. (“Empire waist, check. White eyelet, check.”) In Manhattan, fashion means the latest, most expensive big-designer name. In Brooklyn, fashion is spontaneous, handcrafted, unique. Here, five fashion designers and three accessories designers who embody the movement.

From left, cotton-organdy bubble tank, $154, and washed silk culottes, $226; open-sided vest, $144, and printed cotton canvas shorts, $144; and washed silk drawstring tunic, $286. Available at Bark, 495 Atlantic Ave., nr. Third Ave., Boerum Hill (718-625-8997).Photo: Danielle Levitt

Sunshine and Shadow
The Designer: Lily Raskind, a RISD graduate with a textile-design degree.
Inspiration: “Friends, and street fashion.”
Signature: Simple streetwear basics with generous, airy cuts that are delicately figure-enhancing.

From left, peach scallop-neck blouse, $270, with brown high-waisted jean skirt, $290; red braid print dress, $380, with snap-front leather jacket, $610; and cream pleated Empire dress with braid-print straps, $550. Available at Butter, 389 Atlantic Ave., nr. Hoyt St., Boerum Hill (718-260-9033).

Vena Cava
The Designers: Parsons classmates Lisa Mayock and Sophie Buhai; they’ve been designing together since graduation in 2003.
Inspiration: Style icons like Audrey Hepburn and Catherine Deneuve; designers like Jean Muir, Paul Poiret, and Claire McCardell.
Signature: Lightweight silk fabrics and distinctive print details, like a black scallop print on peach silk.

From left, lavender cotton jersey tank dress, $190; gold linen jacket, $320, silk crepe top, $210, cotton pencil skirt, $230; lilac silk charmeuse tank, $165, gold pleated skirt, $200, printed vest, $260, silk-and-silver braided necklace by Lisa Levine for H Fredriksson, $450. Available at Yoko Devereaux, 338 Broadway, nr. Rodney St., Williamsburg (718-302-1450).

H Fredriksson
The Designer: Helena Fredriksson, a photographer turned self-taught designer.
Inspiration: Nature (as one might expect from a photographer).
Signature: Hourglass shapes, floaty tops over structured skirts, photoprints.

from left, Halter dress with hand-crocheted detail, $238; burnt-copper silk cashmere tank, $150; black short-puff-sleeve button-down, $174; slate knickers, $143. Available at Otte, 132 N. 5th St., nr. Bedford St., Williamsburg (718-302-3007).

The Designer: Caroline Priebe, a former stylist.
Inspiration: Coco Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld, late-sixties mod, her grandmother Fritzi.
Signature: An all-knitwear line that takes basic shapes (T-shirts, tank tops) and gives them a girlish personality with Victorian-inspired details like ruffled hems and puff sleeves.

from left, blue corduroy blazer, $436, and pants, $222, mint T-shirt, $54, cream cashmere T-shirt, $134; pink seersucker blazer, $436, gray embroidered shirt, $148, white burn hollywood burn T-shirt, $60, khaki shorts, $144, brown canvas tote, $186; floral-print corduroy blazer, $436, embroidered shirt, $148, white T-shirt, $60. Available at Yoko Devereaux.

Yoko Devereaux
The Designer: Andy Salzer, who started with a line of T-shirts in 2001.
Inspiration: Helmut Lang, Tom Ford, Calvin Klein.
Signature: Street-influenced sportswear with classic tailoring and hidden details.

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Brooklyn’s Best Accessories

Photo: Davies + Starr

Rachel Nasvik’s “Patricia” bag, from $465 at Dear Fieldbinder, 198 Smith St., nr. Baltic St. (718-852-3620).

Photo: Davies + Starr

Thea Grant’s vintage-pearl-and-gold-chain necklace with Victorian watch fob, $255 at Redtoenails, 622 Metropolitan Ave., nr. Leonard St. (718-387-6987).

Photo: Davies + Starr

Tashkent by Cheyenne’s suede-and-lamb flat, $395 at Geminola, 41 Perry St., nr. W. 4th St. (212-675-1994). Next: Hungry In Hipsterville

Piece and Harmony