Go Generic

ShopRite Ibuprofen, $4.99 (compared to Advil, $8.99)
“It has the same shape and coating as Advil, and I swear it works just as well.” —Faye Timmer, 41, singer and music teacher

CVS Anti-Itch Cream, $7.99 (compared to Cortaid itch cream, $10.29)
“It stops the itching on my mosquito bites in less than a minute, and it doesn’t smell too bad. I keep it in my glove compartment.”
—Chris Masefield, 35, Internet sales

Bravo Market’s Krasdale Ultra Laundry Detergent, $1.99 (compared to double-strength Tide, $10.99)
“I use it on the gym clothes I wear for my morning workout and then carry in my bag all day. If it didn’t work, I’d know.”
—Max Christopher, 41, public research director

Hanes Boxer Shorts, $9 for Three (compared to Gap boxers, $21 for three)
Not really generic, but half the price of the Gap underwear he was buying. “They last just as long and don’t shrink. Every time I put them on, I’m shocked. They still fit!”
—Jim Beeks, 43, software sales

Duane Reade Nourishing Formula Nail-Polish Remover and cotton balls, $6.58 (compared to Cutex nail-polish remover and Johnson & Johnson cotton balls, $7.70)
“It’s the purple one. I don’t think it’s actually nourishing, it just gets the polish off. And the Duane Reade cotton balls are just as absorbent as Johnson & Johnson ones.”
—Katie Hellmuth, 31, Website developer

Duane Reade Naproxen Sodium, $5.69 (compared to Aleve, $7.99)
“I take it after playing tennis, and it relieves pain and stiffness just as well as Aleve. I’m happy as a clam at high tide.”
—John McLean, 65, retired investment consultant

Annual Savings: $92.16
(Assuming you restock all of the above three times.)

Go Generic