Better Living Through Bulbs

Photo: Stewart Isbell

Bulbrite MR16, $18
Use this crisp white bulb in the living room to bring out the color of a wall or spotlight a painting. Choose different color temperatures based on décor; the darker the room, the lower the temperature.

Sylvania Compact Fluorescent Dulux, $5–$12
Use a lower-temperature version of this bulb in the kitchen, where its yellow-pink tinge gives a light, airy feel. The more unforgiving light of the higher temperatures is for the bathroom.

Chromalux Full Spectrum Clear 40 watts, $7
This faux-natural light enhances the color of fabrics and textures. Use it on lamps in nurseries and bedrooms, or in the office—it reduces eye strain while reading.

Spunlite 60C15S60 watts, $6.95
For use in small-socket chandeliers, it’s covered in threads that cast a pretty pattern and make crystal on the table sparkle.

Ferrowatt Antique F1910N, 40 watts, $19.95.
This reproduction of Thomas Edison’s 1910 design creates a warm, golden light effect and is a good match for antiques.

I Love You 3 watts, $15
Glowing pink neon is purely sappy, or whimsical, depending on your taste.

Better Living Through Bulbs