Getting a Dog

1. The Pound or the Purebred?
Two paths to bringing home Fido.

2. What to Get, Pre-Puppy
From beef bones to hound health books.

3. The Cost of a Dog
Here, the range of prices for a canine companion, from the local shelter to the toniest puppy producer.

4. Ten City-Friendly Dogs
Here, ten dogs with the temperament to enjoy sidewalks, traffic, and the dog run.

5. A Year of Kibble-and-Playdates Calculus
Two ways to pamper your dog.

6. Ask an Expert: the Dog Trainer
On puppy mills, chew-a-holics, and why you should wait a month to name the new dog.

7. Getting Around
Navigating subways, trains, and taxis with pooch in tow.

Getting a Dog