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Condo on Ice

The city’s lone residential rink makes its debut.

Illustration by Murphy Lippincott  

In this city of amenity-laden glass condos, only one building lays claim to its own private ice rink. Sort of. Since November, a terrace in the Atelier (a glitzy high-rise on far West 42nd Street) has a 3,000-square-foot rink made of “synthetic ice,” a plasticky polymer that looks like a giant yoga mat but allows Johnny Weir wannabes to practice their toe loops. The condo’s board president, Dan Neiditch, who came up with the idea for the rink, was inspired by a similar one he saw at a New York Rangers event. This winter, he says, about 160 residents have stepped on the ice—including a former Olympic figure skater. “We have someone who lives in the building—I can’t say who it is—and they did some professional moves on it, a triple or double axel, and it was a pretty cool sight to see,” Neiditch says. When summer arrives, the rink will be pulled up and stashed away in favor of lounge chairs, ready to return when the cold hits once more.