Ask Lingerie Designers

Photo: Brad Paris

You’re designers from Brooklyn. How’d you start?
MAAYAN ZILBERMAN: I did sculpture for a while, then started working in lingerie.
NIKKI DEKKER: I was designing lingerie for Target. We met through a mutual friend at a party three years ago; we’ve pretty much spent every day together since.
MZ: Our customers want what we want and can never find: relaxed, fashion-driven quality, reasonable price. Underwear should be just another layer that can be seen.

Underwear as outerwear was a big trend for Spring 2008, most memorably at Marc Jacobs.
ND: We love bright-colored or patterned bras to show, and it’s common nowadays to wear a black bra under a white shirt. What’s crass is anything too tight, big, bulky, push-up, foamy. Our stuff is comfortable and you can wear it under a T-shirt.
MZ: Or for, um, sexy time.

Where does the Lake & Stars name come from?
ND: It’s a Victorian-era exclamation, as in, “She gave me the lake and stars.” It means the works—in bed.

Have either of you ever experienced fit problems?
MZ: Nikki’s got the good rack. I’m not really a bra-wearer.

What is something you’ll never do?
MZ: One of those eight-ways-to-wear-it bras.
ND: I had one in college, and I could never figure out more than two ways to wear it.

The Lake & Stars available at Catriona Mackechnie, 400 W. 14th St., nr. Ninth Ave.; 212-242-3200.

Ask Lingerie Designers