Cheap Tricks

Dan Trepanier, TSBmen
“A friend turned me on to H&M’s boxer-briefs ($17.95 for a three-pack), and I’ve been wearing them ever since. The inseam is a touch shorter than most, and they don’t stretch out, which is key for avoiding bunching at the thigh under fitted trousers.”

Leo Bloom, The Choosy Beggar
“The BDG crew-neck T-shirt from Urban Outfitters ($18) has been a favorite of mine for years. The cut is great, and the cotton achieves a nice feel after a few washes.”

Atif Kazmi, PorHomme
“Uniqlo recently started making a slim-fit oxford shirt ($30) that’s just the right cut and weight. I’m stain-prone and tend to run through the white ones—so the price tag makes these a no-brainer for me.”

John Jannuzzi, Textbook
“The only suits I have hanging in my closet are J.Crew Ludlows (from $600). They fit me perfectly—after some small in-store alterations—and have held up exceptionally well, especially considering the price.”

Lawrence Schlossman, Four Pins
“When it comes to slim-fitting khakis, Club Monaco hits the not-too-skinny sweet spot with their Connor Chinos ($80).”

Cheap Tricks