Hot Take-Out

Shepherd's pie from Tea & Sympathy.Photo: Danny Kim


WEST VILLAGE by Adam Roberts, founder, the Amateur Gourmet

Tue Thai Food
3 Greenwich Ave., nr. Christopher St.; 212-929-9888
“A conventional spot with one outstanding dish: roast duck with noodles. Meaty bits of duck, Chinese broccoli, and egg noodles in a sweet-and-salty broth—heaven on a winter night.”
What to order: Roasted-duck noodle, $14

Baoguette/Pho Sure
120 Christopher St., at Bedford St.; 212-929-0877
“Chef Michael Bao Huynh packs so much flavor into the food, you feel almost criminal paying so little for it.
What to order: Spicy catfish sandwich, $7

Hummus Place
71 Seventh Ave. S., nr. Bleecker St.; 212-924-2022
“It has three great things going for it: fresh, hot pita; creamy, decadent hummus; and fiery green hot sauce, which gives a beige dinner some teeth.”
What to order: Hummus masabacha, $6.95

GRAMERCY by Tina Ujlaki, executive food editor, Food & Wine

Lantern's Angel from Lantern.Photo: Danny Kim

311 Second Ave., at 18th St.; 212-777-2770
“Their delivery is really fast, which is a good thing because you don’t want fried stuff like crispy calamari or curry-puff chicken to get soggy.”
What to order: Lantern’s Angel, $6; crispy calamari, $5; curry-puff chicken, $5

310 Second Ave., at 18th St.; 212-716-1200
“The pizza is almost always beautifully cooked and generously topped with nice things.”
What to order: Shroomtown pizza, $12

Brick Lane Curry House
306 E. 6th St., nr. Second Ave.; 212-979-2900
“Everything is so delicious here, we even use it for impromptu dinner parties. The peshawari naan filled with sweet ground nuts is almost better for breakfast than dinner.”
What to order: Peshawari naan, $5

TRIBECA by Salvatore Rizzo, owner, De Gustibus Cooking School

120 Hudson St., at N. Moore St.; 212-219-0666
“The matzo-ball soup with a piece of pie is the best cure-all for when I’m feeling sick. It has never arrived cold. You can’t go wrong with whatever pie is in season.”
What to order: Matzo-ball soup, $10; slice of pie, $7; mac ’n’ cheese, $6

397 Greenwich St., at Beach St.; 212-780-0577
“My favorite sandwich is the tuna with preserved lemon—it feels healthy and has a kick.”
What to order: Pole-caught-tuna sandwich, $8.50

156 Chambers St., nr. Greenwich St.; 212-267-6740
“This is my go-to spot in the neighborhood for comfort food, and their delivery always arrives in nice-looking boxes and bags.”
What to order: Chicken-mushroom-spinach burger, $12; carrot cake, $6 per slice

CHELSEA by David Chang, chef-owner, Má Pêche

Grand Sichuan
229 Ninth Ave., nr. 24th St.; 212-620-5200
“I like the dan dan noodles, braised chile beef, and ma po tofu, but really, everything is good. I love talking with these guys because I feel like if I don’t order right, they will blacklist me.”
What to order: Dan dan noodles, $4.50; braised beef fillets with chile sauce, $10.95; house bean curd with spicy sauce and minced pork, $9.25

Hollywood Diner
574 Sixth Ave., at 16th St.; 212-691-8465
“I’m a sucker for a grilled cheese on rye. Or, when I really want to impress, I upgrade to the deluxe.”
What to order: Open grilled cheese deluxe, $8.25

Express Manna Kitchen
28 E. 18th St., at Broadway; 212-228-1044
“This is my go-to for Korean food when I need yukejang delivered or a kimchee fix without going to K-town.”
What to order: Shredded-beef stew, $10.95

MIDTOWN EAST by Amy Cao, founder,

Mee Noodle Shop & Grill
922 Second Ave., at 49th St.; 212-888-0027
“The restaurant is always packed, so you know your chow fun hasn’t been sitting in the wok for an hour.”
What to order: Chow fun, $6.90

Baby Bo’s Cantina
627 Second Ave., nr. 34th St.; 212-779-2656
“The red-chile chicken flautas remind me of ones I had once in Austin. They’re served with chipotle sauce and a pineapple pico, which I would never be able to re-create at home.”
What to order: Red-chile chicken flautas, $8.50

MIDTOWN WEST by Danyelle Freeman, founder, Restaurant Girl

Wondee Siam
792 Ninth Ave., nr. 52nd St.; 212-582-0355
“All the Thai soups are delicious. And there’s something transportive about eating a green-papaya salad in the dead of winter. You have to ask for it, but they always have it.”
What to order: Papaya salad, $8.95

Tina’s Cuban Cuisine
23 W. 56th St., nr. Fifth Ave.; 212-315-4313
“It’s super-fast, super-cheap, and super-comforting. I love the pork and the shrimp. I also get fried sweet plantains or boiled yuca. And plenty of hot salsa verde—wish they sold it by the bottle.”
What to order: Roast-pork special, $9

58 W. 56th St., nr. Sixth Ave.; 212-707-8702
“I wouldn’t recommend their sushi, but they do great traditional dishes, like hijiki and udon soups. The best dishes are usually specials, so ask.”
What to order: Tempura udon, $9

UPPER WEST SIDE by Ed Levine, founder,

T & R Pizza
411 Amsterdam Ave., nr. 80th St.; 212-787-4093
“Just solid New York pizza with a crust that varies from pretty good to terrific. I order a well-done, plain pie, light on the cheese.”
What to order: Large plain pie, $14.75

Pork chops from La Caridad 78.Photo: Danny Kim

La Caridad 78
2199 Broadway, at 78th St.; 212-874-2780
“I take a page from my son Will’s book and order roast-pork chow fun (no vegetables), maybe a large roast-pork fried rice, and the insanely garlicky pork chops.”
What to order: Fried pork chops, $10.85

Mac 'n' cheese from Bubby's.Photo: Danny Kim

EAST VILLAGE by Maile Carpenter, editor-in-chief, Food Network magazine

Pizza Gruppo
186 Ave. B, nr. 12th St.; 212-995-2100
“My husband [chef Wylie Dufresne] and I order from here about once a week. We stick the pizza in the oven for a few minutes, then top it with their arugula salad. It comes with a slightly sweet, herby, crazy-delicious dressing that I’ve been trying to mimic for years with no luck.”
What to order: Large plain cheese pie, $13; arugula and bocconcini salad, $9

Westville East
173 Ave. A, at 11th St.; 212-677-2033
“I don’t know how they manage to deliver a turkey burger and French fries that are still hot and edible, but God bless them for it. To make myself feel better, I throw in one or two market vegetables, usually Brussels sprouts, green beans, or broccoli.”
What to order: Turkey burger and fries, $10; market vegetables, $5 each

Paul’s Da Burger Joint
131 Second Ave., nr. St. Marks Pl.; 212-529-3033
“Paul’s serves burgers the right way: on squishy white buns. The downside is that they don’t travel well. Wylie came up with the genius solution of requesting the burgers on English muffins instead.”
What to order: Eastsider Deluxe, $12.95

UPPER EAST SIDE by Ben Leventhal, executive editor,

Cascabel Taqueria
1538 Second Ave., nr. 80th St.; 212-717-8226
“My order—sopa de tortilla, tacos camarón, and churros—tastes the same whether I’m eating there or ordering in.”
What to order: Tacos camarón, $8.50; sopa de tortilla, $5; churros, $1

Our Place Cuisines of China
242 E. 79th St., nr. Second Ave.; 212-288-4888
“Every apartment should be in delivery distance of a solid, no-dog-meat-risk Chinese restaurant. This is mine.”
What to order: Li po chicken, $13.95

206 E. 60th St., nr. Third Ave.; 212-688-9707
“On healthy days, I get their simple but tasty mista salad with grilled chicken, while on lazier days, their pizza is about the best stuff you can get without getting up off the couch.”
What to order: Insalata mista with grilled chicken, $12.50

LOWER EAST SIDE by Elie Z. Perler, blogger, Bowery Boogie

Downtown Bakery
69 First Ave., nr. 4th St.; 212-254-1757
“Cheap Mexican cuisine done right. Try their fresh guacamole and imported bottled Coke. And tell them you like the Mets.”
What to order: Carne asada burrito, $7.50; side of guacamole, $1

Hoomoos Asli
100 Kenmare St., nr. Mulberry St.; 212-966-0022
“Some of the most delectable hummus in town. The food is a bit pricey—and sometimes delayed—but the hefty portions are well worth the inconvenience.”
What to order: Jerusalem mix grill, $18.95

CENTRAL GREENWICH VILLAGE by Adam Platt, chief restaurant critic, New York Magazine

Sammy’s Noodle Shop & Grill
453 Sixth Ave., nr. 10th St.; 212-924-6688 “I consider Chinese carryout its own genre of food. Sammy’s is very durable, incredibly fast, and it doesn’t change, ever. We get chicken and garlic sauce—I eat the broccoli, and my daughters eat the chicken.”
What to order: Chicken and broccoli, $12.50

1 Fifth Ave.,nr. 8th St.; 212-995-9559
“It’s tragically expensive, but it’s really the best pizza in the neighborhood, and they’re pretty good with delivery speed.”
What to order: Margherita pizza, $11

Tea & Sympathy
108–110 Greenwich Ave., nr. Jane St.; 212-989-9735
“My wife has a fondness for Tea & Sympathy, the Britishy place. It’s not cheap and takes a long time, but their shepherd’s pie always survives the rigors of the trip.”
What to order: Shepherd’s pie, $12.95

MURRAY HILL by Amanda Cohen, chef-owner, Dirt Candy

Grand Sichuan
227 Lexington Ave., nr. 33rd St.; 212-679-9770
“I’m a chile junkie, so the spicy tofu skin and the potatoes with vinegar sauce, which are studded with Sichuan peppercorns, are like crack. And, as with crack, you don’t feel so hot the next day.”
What to order: Potatoes with vinegar sauce, $9.95

160 E. 28th St., nr. Third Ave.; 212-685-9815
“Is it authentic Mexican food? No. But it arrives at warp speed, and no matter how much I order, I can’t seem to break the $25 barrier. Avoid their nachos, which show up looking like roadkill.”
What to order: Cheese enchilada, $6.75

394 Third Ave., at 28th St.; 212-696-2888
“Their vegetarian-duck and green-papaya salads are actually better for the delivery experience (more time to stew in their own juices).”
What to order: Yum vegetarian-duck salad, $9.95

HARLEM by Selena Martinez, co-owner, 5 & Diamond

Sezz Medì
1260 Amsterdam Ave., nr. 122nd St.; 212-932-2901
“The pastas (especially the one with sausage and broccoli rabe) and salads (like the arugula with butternut squash) are really good, and they’re packed smart, with the dressing on the side. It’s slow, though—at least 25 minutes, sometimes 45.”
What to order: Arugula salad, $9; sausage and escarole rigatoni, $15

311 Amsterdam Ave., at 75th St.; 212-877-9300
“The spicy-tuna tortilla is so much fun. They take delivery service seriously, and it’s here in maybe twelve minutes.”
What to order: Spicy-tuna tortilla, $12

Pappardelle Bolognese from Henry's.Photo: Danny Kim

2745 Broadway, at 105th St.; 212-866-0600 “
If I just want a regular American meal, I order a burger, nothing fancy: cheese, bacon. If I want to branch out, the pappardelle Bolognese does the trick.”
What to order: Grilled sirloin burger, $10; pappardelle Bolognese, $15

FINANCIAL DISTRICT by Kurt Gutenbrunner,chef-co-owner of Blaue Gans and Cafe Sabarsky

Adrienne’s Pizzabar
54 Stone St., nr. Hanover Sq.; 212-248-3838
“It’s always a staple, and with kids, you can never go wrong. Their pizza is healthier than the chains’.”
What to order: Old-fashioned pizza, $17.50

1 Wall St., at Pearl St.; 212- 785-6850
“My girls all love Haru’s sushi, and whatever the girls want, the girls get.”
What to order: Kabuki platter, $15.75.

Sushi platter from Haru.Photo: Danny Kim


PARK SLOPE by Michael Ferraro, chef, Delicatessen

Bogota Latin Bistro
141 Fifth Ave., nr. St. Johns Pl.; 718-230-3805
“They have the best tortilla soup. It’s made with a spicy chipotle broth—so comforting after a long day at work.”
What to order: Tortilla soup, $8

440 Seventh Ave., at 15th St.; 718-768-9888
“I don’t typically like ordering sushi for delivery, but this place I trust. The quality is outstanding for what it costs.”
What to order: Ten roll, $11

New Yorker paninis from Windsor Cafe.Photo: Danny Kim

Windsor Cafe
220 Prospect Park W., nr. 16th St.; 718-788-9700
“From a decent salad to an omelette, it’s a better-than-usual diner.”
What to order: New Yorker panini, $10.25; Waldorf salad, $10.95

PROSPECT HEIGHTS by Joshua Bernstein, freelance food writer

318 Flatbush Ave., nr. Seventh Ave.; 718-398-2300
“Their pies may not be Di Fara’s, but so what. They arrive hot and cheesy, with a nice and crisp crust.”
What to order: Plain cheese pie, $14

Hing Lung Kitchen
644 Vanderbilt Ave., nr. Park Pl.; 718-789-7999
“The pinnacle of Chinese delivery. The food arrives fast and fresh. Lots of veggies, little grease. Oh, and there’s no insidious charge for brown rice.”
What to order: Mixed vegetables with bean curd, $8.25

Tamales from Chavella's.Photo: Danny Kim

732 Classon Ave., nr. Park Pl.; 718-622-3100
“There’s always a line out the door, but deliveries come lickety-split.”
What to order: Pescado taco, $3.50; carne enchilada taco, $3; chicken mole taco, $3; tamales, $3

GREENPOINT by Justine Carroll, blogger, Greenpointers

Nina’s Restaurant & Pizzeria
635 Meeker Ave., nr. Kingsland Ave.; 718-389-8854
“For my Italian fix, I get a seriously satisfying rice-ball parmigiana. They accept credit cards, and the guys fly up my fifth-floor walk-up.”
What to order: Rice-ball parmigiana, $5

Manhattan Three Decker Restaurant
695 Manhattan Ave., nr. Norman Ave.; 718-389-6565
“On a hungover Sunday afternoon, a McMargie (a triple-decker bacon cheeseburger) delivered will always make you feel better.”
What to order: McMargie, $7.25

BUSHWICK by Jeremy Sapienza, editor,

Taqueria El Paisa
324 Suydam St., nr. Irving Ave.; 718-417-0381
“The food from around Puebla—where most of Bushwick’s Mexican community is from—is especially delicious. The al pastor tacos are the most delectable things you can get for $2.50.”
What to order: Al pastor tacos, $2.50

Tomo Japanese Fusion
1077 Flushing Ave., nr. Knickerbocker Ave.; 718-456-3695
“Their standard sushi rolls are cheap and use large chunks of fish. The bento box is packed with bits of fried and marinated things—plus an entire steak—and is a great deal.”
What to order: Beef-teriyaki bento box, $16

Life Café
983 Flushing Ave., nr. Bogart St.; 718-386-1133
“They can be a bit slow, but it’s an institution for vegetarian food and burgers. They have great specials, too, like an awesome grilled meat loaf, smothered in mushrooms.”
What to order: Grilled old-fashioned meat loaf, $10.80

CROWN HEIGHTS by Andrea Heisinger, blogger, Midtown Lunch

803 Nostrand Ave., nr. Union St.; 718-604-0396
“There is no shortage of Caribbean places around here, but Sunshine is the only one I know that delivers. It’s run by a husband-and-wife team who are really sweet, and their food is terrific.”
What to order: Stew chicken, $8

Billy’s Pizzeria
1627 Bedford Ave., at Carroll St.; 718-245-1777 “
If you’re carbo-loading, this is the place to do it. Order pasta, and I swear they give you an entire package’s worth, plus a half-loaf of bread.”
What to order: Deep-dish chicken Alfredo with spinach, $19.55

Bombay Masala
678 Franklin Ave., nr. Prospect Pl.; 718-230-7640
“When I want something curry-spicy, not Jamaican-spicy, I’ll order from them. The naan is still piping hot when it arrives.”
What to order: Chicken curry, $8.75

CARROLL GARDENS by Jordana Rothman, food-and-drink editor, Time Out New York

Calexico Carne Asada
122 Union St., nr. Columbia St.; 718-488-8226
“It’s a testament to its delivery prowess that I’ve never actually set foot inside. As long as they are willing to ferry cheesy pork quesadillas to my door, I don’t see a reason to darken theirs.”
What to order: Pulled-pork quesadilla, $6

Hawaiian-style ramen from Eton.Photo: Danny Kim

359 Sackett St., nr. Smith St.; 718-222-2999
“Owner Eton Chan did time at Asiate, and you can still catch traces of his pedigree here: The dumplings arrive with an arsenal of housemade dips and hold up remarkably well.” What to order: Pan-seared-dumpling sampler, $7

South Brooklyn Pizza
451 Court St., nr. Fourth Pl.; 718-852-4038
“If Lucali didn’t exist, this place would be the hood’s crown jewel. But these guys at least deliver. The coal-oven pies arrive crisp with the kind of char only a pizza purist loves.”
What to order: Margherita pizza, $25

WILLIAMSBURG by Amanda Kludt, blogger, Eater

319 Graham Ave., nr. Devoe St.; 718-599-8899
“I go for a seasonal salad and a now-famous Brussels-sprouts pizza with pancetta. The dough is wonderful, the pie is never too soupy, the sauce is right on the mark.”
What to order: Brussels-sprout pizza, $14; seasonal salad, $10

Los Primos
704 Grand St., nr. Graham Ave.; 718-486-8449
“They’ve got a mind-boggling menu— hamburgers, pasta, nachos, twenty preparations of chicken, mofongo, seafood, and on and on and on. But what I love here is the chicken soup, a reliable spirit-lifter when I’m sick and stuck in my apartment.”
What to order: Chicken soup, $5

Curry Heaven
513 Grand St., nr. Union Ave.; 718-388-3021
“The restaurant is not much to look at, so most of my meals from here take place on my couch. It scratches an itch when you’re looking for a super-spicy vindaloo.”
What to order: Lamb vindaloo, $9

DITMAS PARK by Josh Ozersky, food columnist, Time magazine

Double Dragon
41A Newkirk Plz., at Foster Ave.; 718-434-8211
“Every run-down block in Brooklyn has a Chinese joint, but this one shines: the deep-fried-breaded-pork-chop-roast-pork-fried-rice combo would tempt the Hasidim that live nearby.”
What to order: Pork-fried-rice combo, $5.50

San Remo
1408 Cortelyou Rd., nr. Rugby Rd.; 718-282-4915
“It’s painful to live so close to Di Fara and have to eat someone else’s pizza, but that’s the cost of not wearing pants. San Remo’s slices are much better than their whole pies. I get two and a meat patty, the latter to be reheated later, as a nightcap.”
What to order: Plain slice, $2.25; meat patty, $2.25

984 Coney Island Ave., nr. Newkirk Ave.; 718-434-8088
“This Afghan restaurant serves some of the city’s best pumpkin dumplings, pomegranate chicken, and other South Central Asian specialties. The food arrives about five degrees above body temperature, which is how I prefer it.”
What to order: Pumpkin dumplings, $5.95; pomegranate chicken, $9.95

FORT GREENE by Sophie Kamin, baker, Four & Twenty Blackbirds, and husband Nate Smith, chef at the forthcoming Dean Street.

Bergen Bagels
486 Myrtle Ave., at Hall St.; 718-789-9300
“They’ll deliver like $7 worth of food, so you can get four bagels and some cream cheese and have people over for brunch”
What to order: A dozen bagels, $9.60

511 Myrtle Ave., nr. Grand Ave.; 718-398-1459
“The tostadas are a great deal—really cheap and huge. Most of the time they’re not soggy—and if they are, we don’t mind.”
What to order: Tostada tinga de pollo, $3.50

Surf and turf from Rockaway Seafood Co.Photo: Danny Kim


ROCKAWAY by Daniel Maurer, editor, New York Magazine’s Grub Street blog

Brisas del Mar
99-02 Rockaway Beach Blvd., nr. Beach 92nd St.; 718-474-0770
“One of Rockaway’s few Latin canteens. The zesty seviche delivers a veritable dip net of shrimp.”
What to order: Seviche, $6

Elegante Restaurant & Pizzeria
92-01 Rockaway Beach Blvd., nr. Beach 92nd St.; 718-634-3914
“The go-to for Little Italy pig-outs like linguine with calamari, shrimp, scungilli, and clams in a red-pepper sauce. Oh, and they deliver pizza to the beach.”
What to order: Linguine with calamari, shrimp, scungilli, and clams in a Fra Diavolo sauce, $16.50; stuffed vegetable pizza, $29.50

Rockaway Seafood Company
419 Beach 129th St., nr. Newport Ave., Belle Harbour; 718-945-3474
“There’s no way to watch an episode of Lobstermen without ordering a 1.5- or 2.5-pounder from these guys. Thanks to aluminum pans, the crustaceans weather the trip to your bungalow surprisingly well.”
What to order: 2.5-pound-lobster surf and turf, $69

NORTH QUEENS by Christina Lee, pastry chef, Recette

Cherry Valley Deli & Grill
12-29 150th St., at 12th Rd., Whitestone; 718-767-1937
“The sandwiches are wrapped in so many layers of foil and paper that they’re still piping hot.”
What to order: Couch potato, $5.29; Bushman hero sandwich, $7.49; Bomb hero sandwich, $7.79

Pho Bang
41-07 Kissena Blvd, nr. Barclay Ave., Flushing; 718-939-5520
“Great steaming-hot pho noodle soup. They separate the broth, so the noodles don’t get soggy and the raw beef doesn’t get overcooked.”
What to order: Pho noodle soup, $6.75

Cascarino’s Pizzeria
14-60 College Point Blvd., at Fifteenth Ave., College Point; 718-445-9755
“Cascarino’s has great pizza by the slice, with a crunchy thin crust. Also basic hot pasta dishes like penne alla vodka and baked ziti, packaged in heat-sealed containers so the pasta never gets gummy.”
What to order: Penne alla vodka, $12.25; pizza slice, $2.50

JACKSON HEIGHTS by Eric Hara, chef, Oak Room at the Plaza

Pio Pio
84-21 Northern Blvd., nr. 85th St.; 718-426-1010
“Their birds are always perfectly seasoned. As a chef, I try to find out what the spice combination is, but they’ll never tell.”
What to order: Chicken pio, $10

Mama’s Empanadas
85-05 Northern Blvd., nr. 85th St.; 718-505-9937 “I love the variety of fillings of the empanadas. I even had a sausage-and-pepper empanada; they are fun to eat, and my son loves the crispy dough.”
What to order: Sausage-and-pepper empanada, $1.75

El Mesón Colombiano
82-11 Roosevelt Ave., nr. 83rd St.; 718-397-1685
“Colombian food is so flavorful and abundant. When we order from here, we get three days’ worth of dinners.”
What to order: Bandeja tipica combo platter, $11.95

ASTORIA by Darren Lawless, chef-owner, Il Bambino

Zenon Taverna
34-10 31st Ave., at 34th St.; 718-956-0133
“This is my place when I need a Greek-food fix delivered promptly. The fried calamari arrives perfect every time.”
What to order: Calamari, $13.50

Rizzo’s Pizza
30-13 Steinway St., nr. 30th Ave.; 718-721-9862
“Some of the best square slices around. The sauce is robust, and they use just the right amount of cheese.”
What to order: Square pie, $22

JJ’s Asian Fusion
37-05 31st Ave., nr. 37th St.; 718-626-8888
“Their sushi-roll combinations are excellent and fresh, and placing an order is easy—they’ve stored your information in the computer.”
What to order: Fancy dragon roll, $13.95

LONG ISLAND CITY by Julie Powell, author, Julie & Julia

Burger Garage
25-36 Jackson Ave., nr. 44th Dr.; 718-392-0424
“The menu is all about the burgers—In-n-Out style with thinnish patties and crisp, simple accoutrements. My husband and I disagree about fries versus onion rings. ”
What to order: Single cheddar burger, $4.20

Tuk Tuk
49-06 Vernon Blvd., nr. 49th Ave.; 718-472-5598
“They know you whenever you call and get the food to you in nanoseconds. The baked duck and the red curry generally satisfy.”
What to order: Duckaholic, $15

Five Stars Punjabi
13-05 43rd Ave., nr. 21st St.; 718-784-7444
“This place is part Indian greasy spoon, part Hindi-wedding-banquet hall. Delivery is only for a few obscure hours, and the personnel seem unable to find their way around their own neighborhood. But the food is solid. Just have your oven preheated.”
What to order: Butter chicken, $9

Sage General Store
24-20 Jackson Ave., nr. 45th Ave.; 718-361-0707
“Great when you intended to cook but find you aren’t quite up to pulling it off. It almost feels like home cooking.”
What to order: Texas Cowboy steak, $8.50

The Eastsider Deluxe from Paul's Da Burger Joint.Photo: Danny Kim


by Pamela Silvestri, food editor and critic, Staten Island Advance

Taste of India II
287 New Dorp Ln., nr. Edison St.; 718-987-4700
“The restaurant shuttles to every corner of the island, generally within 45 minutes. The food is consistent, and the orders always accurate.”
What to order: Basmati-rice pilaf, $5.95; Tandoori mixed grill, $15.95

Bay House Asian Bistro
574 Bay St., at Union Pl.; 718-715-9539
“Sushi selections are straightforward—nothing crazy or gourmet—and the vegan and Thai dishes are always fresh and enjoyable.”
What to order: Bay House roll, $9

Cafe Milano
401 Forest Ave., nr. Walbrooke Ave.; 718-720-1313
“Milano’s carries really good whole-wheat-crusted pies and wraps with generous veggies and fresh, not canned, mushrooms.”
What to order: Mozzarella-basil-and- tomato pizza, $18.75


by Baron Ambrosia, host, Bronx Flavor

Siam Square
564 Kappock St., nr. Netherland Ave., Riverdale; 718-432-8200
“The chile-tamarind-marinated flank steak will make you want to slap the chef for making you feel so vulnerable.”
What to order: Tiger Cries grilled marinated flank steak, $19.95

Cozy Cottage
4105 Boston Rd., nr. Provost Ave., Eastchester; 718-882-3040
“Home to the original Baron Ambrosia sandwich—a monstrous pile of brisket topped with Swiss cheese and scrambled egg, plus a steamy bowl of brown gravy for slow dipping. Great for couples trying to reconnect.”
What to order: Baron Ambrosia sandwich, $5.95

Coconut Palm Bar & Grill
2407 Westchester Ave., nr. Zerega Ave., Westchester Sq.; 718-597-8700
“Having traditional Guyanese specialties just a phone call away is one of the reasons the Bronx is such a magical place.”
What to order: Jerk-chicken fried rice, $7.50

Compiled by Christine Whitney and Elien Becque.

Hot Take-Out