Raise Your Steins

Photo: Timothy Devine

1. Marc Fuentes 31, fashion sales associate
“I like the down-tempo music, very European house-jazzy stuff—I was a D.J. for years. The bartender’s cute and good at recommending things. She said she’s an actress; I’ll probably come by and talk to her again.”

2. Leslie Herzhaft 23, set designer
“I moved here from Paris three months ago, and I’m going back in two weeks because I don’t have a visa. But I’ve been coming here once or twice a week. It’s nice because you can come alone and talk to the staff, and you don’t have to worry that someone is hitting on you.”

3. Lezlie Harrison50, jazz vocalist
“I live in Crown Heights now, but I grew up in East Harlem. On the way here I’m like, “Look at this, single white women walking alone on 114th Street, wineshops, cat-food stores.” Part of me was happy, part of me hopes the original residents can afford to live here.”

4. Andrew Tate 31, marketing manager
“We do our own thing while our girlfriends have their monthly book club— I think tonight is The Help. I’m basically going through the beer list and having every level of darkness that I’ve never had before.”

5. Jarobin Guera 24, advertising associate
“Totally an anti-Manhattan bar scene. It really lives up to its name—these girls are French, for example. I’ve been here about 45 times, but I’m not the mayor on Foursquare. I’m in competition with some guy. It’s so on.”

6. Rick Beckwith30, I.T. account executive
“I moved from Palm Beach last March, and my perception of Harlem was 1972 Harlem: If you walk on the wrong street you get jumped. But this place is great—kind of an urban ski lodge.”

Raise Your Steins