And Here’s What The Kids Would Do

Illustration by Andy Friedman

“I like going to the Bronx Zoo (Bronx River Pkwy. at Fordham Rd.; 718-367-1010) because you get to see the animals. I especially like the elephants. They’re really big: Their ears, their trunks, everything about them is huge. Plus I always get a treat when I go there, like ice cream. And there’s a carousel where all the seats are in the shape of bugs.” —Shane Ivey, 9, Wakefield, the Bronx

“There’s this awesome big blue whale hanging from the ceiling at the Natural History museum (Central Park W. at 79th St.; 212-769-5100). You can even sleep overnight right under it! I also love the Discovery Room. It’s this cool area where you can do a bunch of fun activities like hold a live cockroach and look at stuff under a microscope.” —Sebastian Peterman, 8, Murray Hill

“Owl’s Head Park (68th St. and Colonial Rd., Bay Ridge) is really big, and you can just walk along the ocean for a really long time. There’s this cool pier at 69th where you can see the ships pass by.”—Lindsey Tourgeman, 12, Bensonhurst

“There’s more than one John’s Pizzeria, but I like the location in Times Square (260 W. 44th St., nr. Eighth Ave.; 212-391-7560). It’s not like eating at the $1 pizza place near my house. The pizza is so saucy and cheesy and big and good! Plus the bathrooms are clean and the whole place is kind of fancy. The floor is so shiny you can slide on it.” —Mekhi Hewling, 9, Manor Heights, Staten Island

“I like to run by the Prospect Park Lake (enter at Vanderbilt Street and Prospect Park Southwest) and see all the swans and ducks. Sometimes I try to feed them. And there’s a playground where I go on all the swings and slides. And they just opened a really big ice-skating rink, but I don’t know how to ice-skate yet.” —Mirren Grimason, 6, Park Slope

And Here’s What The Kids Would Do