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The Everything Guide to Moviegoing

The summer blockbuster season has begun. Here’s what to see, where the best seats are, and how to make sure you get tickets.

The Top Five First-Runs
A test-drive of major cinema chains, factoring in comfort, ticket lines, snack options, and underfoot cleanliness.

Summer Movies
A radical simplification of the season’s movie calendar, broken down to the five big and five little productions not to miss.

Sour Patch Kids Rule!
Eliminating candy-counter conundrums.

Tickets, Trailers, and the Real Start Time
The pros and cons of buying tickets online.
Where the Snack Bar Sells Samosas
A New York movie experience that's about as far from a Manhattan multiplex as possible.

A Rainbow of Indie Theaters
One of New York’s most shining qualities is its diversity of small cinemas for fans of every persuasion.

Night Screenings
West Side Story with Manhattan as a backdrop? Heaven.

How to Have Movie Night at Home
Regular movie host Mark Decker explains the procedure.

Movie Etiquette
Talking, sometimes. Texting, never.

Contributors: Ira Boudway, Sarah Cardace, Katie Charles, Logan Hill, Rebecca Milzoff, Janelle Nanos, Jonathan S. Paul, Emma Rosenblum, Adam Sternbergh, Ben Wasserstein, Rachel Wolff.