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A Little Something for the Tailbone

The latest motorized desks, anti-fatigue mats, and other posture-friendly office accessories.

Drop the BackJoy SitSmart Posture Plus ($40 at onto any seat—from cushy desk chair to kitchen stool—to lift your tailbone up over your butt. It comes in all of the primary colors, plus American flag and camo.

Made from the same aluminum as a MacBook, the 12-pound ZestDesk ($327 at packs up flat into a 12-by-25-inch carrying case, to transform regular office desks for those who can’t commit to the Stand Desk (see below).

Norwegian company Varier specializes in adjustable-height stools that are comparable, in shape and cushioning, to a bicycle seat. And this latest version, Move With Wheels and Tilt ($595 at, can roll around the office, too.

Monitor arms serve the dual purpose of bringing your computer screen up to eye level and clearing off your desk. This J2 ($115 at lifts and dips when you crank the Allen wrench at its base.

The Topo ($99 at, a contoured anti-fatigue mat to set in front of your standing desk, is designed according to the principle that human beings evolved to walk and stand on uneven terrain.

Available in beech, eucalyptus, and bamboo varieties, the collapsible Flio Style ($45 at snaps together and raises your laptop to eye level, without looking too out of place in the coffee shop.

The steel frame of the Stand Desk (from $400 at—the most affordable electronic sit-to-stand desk out there—allows for extra legroom (no bulky stabilizing bar) and slides automatically between 28 and 45 inches.

With Posture Man Pat (free download at, your Mac webcam will start tracking your face on the y-axis of your screen. A face drop triggers a warning, nudging you to sit up.