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The Equipment Has Also Gotten an Upgrade

The ultimate gadgets — newfangled, updated, and unimpeachable old-school.

Classic Models

Protopipe Deluxe
Designed in the ’60s, this solid-brass number is the Swiss Army knife of pipes ($50, It’s compact and comes with built-in brass gauze, a removable bowl, a swivel top, and a cleaning pick to efficiently remove icky buildup.

Roor Beaker Bong
Handblown in Germany, this beaker bong (from $180, comes in a range of sizes (including the 14-inch Little Sista), but serious smokers can opt for the giant 22-inch Dealers Cup. (Don’t worry if you can’t decide; the Roor website includes a handy chart ranging from “easy” to “well trained” to “extreme.”) The company even offers a repair service.

Club Modiano Bistro Papers
The purist’s choice, Belgian-made Club Modiano Bistro papers (from $4, were patented in 1824. Ungummed and free of the additives, they’re a smooth roll, burn evenly, and feature a distinctive watermark.

Space Case Grinder
Backed by a lifetime warranty, this two-piece aerospace aluminum grinder (to turn flowery pot into a rollable mix) is compact and lightweight; magnets keep it tightly sealed ($27,

Digger One-Hitter
A small pipe designed to hold just a single hit of pot, this one-hitter ($8, is crossed with a grinder and looks like a cigarette (if discretion is an issue).

Cutting-Edge Vaporizers

G Pen Herbal
The first in pot poster boy Snoop’s “double G” series of “herbal pens” includes cleaning tips and a USB charger (and goes for $85, The stainless-steel shell is decorated with a road map of Long Beach and an engraving of Snoop’s signature.

This new limited-edition pocket vaporizer ($299, is from a company that brands itself as “Silicon Valley meets Humboldt County.” It has a built-in ceramic grinder and a five-year warranty.

Launched in 2013 by a designer and a former Apple employee who met at Burning Man, this instant vaporizer ($269, is the first to use natural materials and convection technology. It’s also rechargeable and heats to 400 degrees in seconds.

Other Accessories

Designer Storage Vessels
Imported from the Netherlands, the Tribeca ($7) is a sleek pocket-size metallic case that comes complete with prerolled rice-paper shells.

The Buckle Puffer
Designed in a Cleveland garage in 2012 and paid for via Indiegogo, this belt buckle discreetly harbors your pipe. Three models are available online (from $110,

KashIt Clean
This patent-pending portable vacuum will eradicate ash from your sofa or bedsheets and can be used to clean pipes and bubblers ($25,

The Stink Sack
This odor-free weed pouch ($9 for a pack of ten, comes in a range of patterns, leopard to camo; is available in a child-resistant version; and, unlike its counter­parts, is made with triple layers of polymers rather than less-sturdy mesh or Mylar.