Tools of the Craft

Photo: Bobby Doherty/New York Magazine

Custom hand-carved “Uncrossing” candle
“It’s about getting rid of the negative influences in your life. I’ve had people come in after burning this candle and say, ‘I quit my job and found a better one,’ or ‘I broke up with my boyfriend and now realize how horrible the relationship was for me.’ ” ($27.50)

Venus oil
“When I worked as a bartender, I used to wear the Venus oil—which represents beauty, sensuality, and self-love—for better tips.” ($6.50 for a small bottle)

“Money Drawing” powder incense
“I have customers who own businesses and burn this incense in their stores to improve sales. They’ve even said if they forget to burn it they’ll have a slow day. It actually smells like money.” (from $4.50 per half-ounce)

Rider Waite tarot cards
“One of the first mass-market books on tarot was by Waite, so this deck seems to be the most well known. Pick out one to three cards every morning to get a sense of the day ahead.” ($23 for a standard deck)

Sage smudge stick
“Many buildings in New York City have spirits. Whether they’re shutting electrical appliances, flickering the lights, or making noises at night, the remedy is the same: Cleanse the space.” (from $10.95)

Tools of the Craft