550 Pairs and Counting

Photo: Jeremy Liebman [2]

What’s your total count?
About 550. One reason is because of my age. I’ve had 40 years of buying.

Tell us about the last pair you bought.
A two-tone hiking crocodile boot from Bettanin & Venturi was just delivered. The barrel is honey, and the heel and toe are chocolate brown. They are very pretty.

How much did they cost?
$8,500. I can’t wait to wear them. Actually, I like them so much I just ordered another pair in sage green with dark green. They look kind of military.

Where else do you shop?
Santoni, John Lobb, Berluti, Silvano Lattanzi, Testoni. I buy mostly crocodile. But there are shoes for business, and then there are shoes for socializing.

Do you have a favorite pair?
A cognac Lattanzi lace-up crocodile with a square toe.

I hope you have a big closet.
Actually, I’m building a walk-in shoe closet. I used to keep them in shoe bags, but these shoes are better off on shelves. Leather needs to breathe.

Where do you take them for TLC?
I have boxes and boxes of extra laces and replacement heels. But I’ve never ever repaired a shoe. When you wear it twice a year, you don’t need to.

550 Pairs and Counting